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Testimonial img Andrew Sauer

Andrew Sauer

Cardiologist at St. Luke’s Health System

“We need technology to help identify congestion in patients, reducing the likelihood of them needing emergency room or hospital bed treatment for heart failure.”

Testimonial img Harvey Castro

Harvey Castro

AI in Healthcare Expert

“Imagine a world where we can prevent these emergencies with advances AI and RPM, we can detect early warning signs and intervene before it’s too late. Pulsli is pioneering this change. ”

HF: $15B in preventable hospitalizations

What is needed to reduce hospitalizations?

An AI-enabled fluid overload predictor built on clinically validated technology for remote patient self-monitoring, that is widely deployed due to is cost-effectiveness and non-invasiveness. Designed to maximize patient compliance, this highly engaging solution significantly reduces the workload of health professionals through its automated and integrated user experience.

Meet Pulsli

Pulsli's platform is centered around our patients. It features the first clinically validated predictor for fluid overload.

Our technology uses automation, integration, and AI to help reduce hospitalizations.

Pulsli utilizes a patented technology, and we have filed for multiple additional patents.

We have applied for FDA approval via the 510(k) process.

The pioneering model of a predictor was in clinical evaluation at a Research Hospital in Vienna, Austria.

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Simple and motivating

We understand how important the patient experience is and that is why we designed Pulsli with ease of use and engagement in focus.

Starting from onboarding, through each measurement that takes less then 30 seconds, Pulsli aims to empower patients and allow them to again own their condition.

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Save on time and resources

To make sure we realize this promise, Pulsli is focusing on truly reducing the workload on medical professionals.

Our product leverages automation, integration with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and delivers a clean and simple user experience, while leveraging AI to bring false positives to a minimum.

Together towards improved outcomes

How to create the best product? Engage with the users! Your feedback has been fueling our vision and innovation.